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Aloha Kitefriends



Dear Kite Friends,

We are pleased to welcome you as a guest to our homepage.
First of all we want to wish you a lot of fun surfing through our pages and hope that you
find all the information you are looking for.
If not, I am willing to answer any of your questions or listen to your suggestions.

Just send me an email: info@ksa-international.org.

Becoming a member is really worthwhile.

For all members with permanent residence in Germany, there is an additional liability insurance included in the membership fee. This insurance covers all risks relating to kiting.
Without any of the usual or hidden restrictions.
Whether kiting on water, snow or land.
Information under Kitesport Insurance

Securing Spots:
Our spot representatives are responsible for maintaining excellent contact between all the users of the beaches. They try to maintain all possible contacts for you, so that you can be allowed to practise your sport.
Our representatives – as all of us – do this voluntarily in an honorary capacity.


By organising and supporting kite sporting events, we are able to introduce the sport to a
broader public.
Contact Person:
We are available to answer questions on kite sporting (from the press, authorities etc) using
the concentrated efforts of our members.
We have regular contact to other organisations, institutes etc who want to introduce kiting
in all its aspects to the general public. 
And you?

What are you doing?

We still have a lot to do and we need you to help us. If you would like to support
kite surfing or snow kiting, just write to us: info@ksa-international.org or support our work just by becoming a member.
Mahalo,  Michael Recktenwald

Is usually translated as "love", "affection" "brotherly love". In Hawaii, it is used as a form of greeting when coming or going.
According to the last queen of Hawaii, Liliuokalani, aloha means "facing the wind of God"
meaning filled with the spirit of God or to be touched by the life breath of God.
A quotation of Queen Liliuokalani: No Hawaiin has the permission to speak this
holy word...unless he is in harmony with the person he is talking to.
Mahalo: Thank You.