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What is Snowkiting?


The coolest***** way  of kitesurfing!

Last update: 2012/12/15

First there were the kitesurfer, who simply did not want to do without being pulled by their kite.
Then some people had the idea to learn snowkiting first to faciliate the entrance for the kitesurfing on the water.
And nowadays snowkiting is clearly the entrance drug to kitesurfing.

How could Snowkiting become the "coolest" way to Kitesurf?
For snowkiting you need less wind to learn than for kitesurfing on the water because no dynamic lift must be produced and the ski or the snowboard must overcome only the friction resistance.
Therefore one can learn snowkiting relatively safely, provided the appropriate security knowledge and equipment. Therefore we recommend to take a course in snowkiting in a snowkiteschool.
Snowkiting instructors are particularly trained on the characteristics in handling kite, ski and snowboard.
If you have become curious, visit a few homapages of snowkiteschools and look at  their program. For sure, you will find the best school for you!