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The KSA License


The KSA Kite License

The "KSA Kite Sport Licence" serves as a certificate of competence. Different skills are certified.

Many spots insist on a kite licence (clubs, local authorities, owners of spots) as basic proof of kite sporting competence.
And most schools, shops or rental shops insist on a 'certificate of competence' when renting out their material.
KSA offers the kite sport licence for kite surfers and snow kiters.

This KSA licence is proof of kiting skills. The licence is stamped with the various stages of training skills.
This licence costs a one off fee of EUR 40.— which is collected at the beginning of the first course. It is necessary to take part in a theoretical exam given by this school.
All further skills will be stamped on your licence free of charge on producing proof of such competence.

Here the individual steps:
Step 1: Theory
Step 2: Basics (assembling, securing, starting, steering and landing).
Step Snow: kiting on snow, special dangers and forms of behaviour, specifics, choice of spot, turning and changing direction.    Water: Step 3: Getting to water safely, bodydrag on half (one hand) and wind course relaunch of a kite already lying in the water. Step 4: Board start and kiting the first metres. Step 5: Keeping upright, changing direction, self help, swerving leewards. Step 6: Gaining height, controlled swerving in all courses, first standard jumping, problem management.